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Hi everyone,

The Hug and Pint needs your help.

In light of the current situation regarding COVID-19/Coronavirus, The Hug and Pint will close from Tuesday 17 March until further notice.

As always, the safety and health of staff, customers, artists and all others is of the utmost importance. However, this incredibly difficult decision has not been made lightly, and our focus now needs to be on protecting the future of the venue and doing our best to ensure staff welfare.

Like so many other small, independent businesses, we now face an unpredictable and potentially very grave future and we need your help.

Put simply: without support and action during these times, The Hug and Pint will NOT survive and its staff will be placed in a vulnerable financial position.

With this in mind, we will set up a Hardship Fund for staff in order to support them while the venue is closed.

All funds raised on this page will be used to support staff financially while trying to safeguard and protect the future of the venue.

With any luck, we can soften the blow of the forthcoming challenges for our staff, and keep ourselves afloat long enough for there to be a business and jobs for staff to return to.

At this point, while we understand that so many others are facing similarly uncertain times, we are encouraging everyone in the community and beyond who is able to and and wants to play a part in safeguarding the future of The Hug, to please donate generously to this fund.

In return we will be offering Hug and Pint-related items and other incentives for larger donations, should you be able to help.

We appreciate your help and support in this unusual and unpredictable time, more than you’ll ever know.

With any luck, we’ll see you at our place again soon enough!

Until then, take care of each other, Much love to you all.

The Hug and Pint


Update - Fri 7th MAY - WE ARE OPEN! Opening hrs Friday / Sat / Sunday 10-8! Book your table now at

note - Some live shows are awaiting reschedules, refunds will be available for all who can't make new dates and ticketholders will be contacted when dates change.

delivery - we aren't currently open for delivery but we are working on it.

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