+ Vos Rough + Jorogumo

The Hug and Pint, Glasgow, GB

Entry Requirements: 18+
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Emerging from the Norwegian hardcore scene, Hammok is quickly becoming one of the most anticipating bands from the north. They had a immediate breakthrough at ESNS 2023 with a legendary concert at VERA who shocked the audience, and crowned “the second best show at ESNS 2023” according to 3voor12, followed up with crazy moshpits at Best Kept Secret, Arctangent, Core Fest, Indiestadt/Paradiso and many more festivals summer 2023.

Their debut EP got picked up and review by Pitchfork saying “Jumping/Dancing/Fighting is a polished introduction that posits Hammok not merely as noise-rock newcomers, but also erudite students of the genre who hit the ground running."

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Vos Rough