The Ramonas

+ The Guillotines

The Hug and Pint, Glasgow, GB

Entry Requirements: 18+
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Hey! Ho! Let's Go! Another high energy night of Ramones-fuelled celebration awaits when The Ramonas return to The Hug and Pint!

Line Up

The Ramonas

…From the Streets of Glasgow they came!
Formed in 2019, The Guillotines have rapidly risen to become one of Scotland’s most sought after live Punk acts. The Guillotines’ music ranges in style and is as diverse as their fans and that’s how they like it! Not content with sticking to one specific genre or style, the band have adapted their own unique sound that takes elements of: Ska, Oi!, Punk and Hardcore and reinvents these established musical themes to fit today’s narrative. It’s these combinations of elements that aid in the appeal of the band and make them a welcome addition to any Punk related line up. Who would have thought about trumpets in a D-Beat song? The Guillotines did!
Having chalked up an impressive gig history to date, playing alongside some of the top Punk bands in the business, the Guillotines are looking forward to keeping that momentum going and they have some outstanding bookings for later this year across the U.K.
We want to play for you! Yes, it’s true, The Guillotines’ first love is to play to live audiences and they are looking for invitations to play across U.K. Please consider adding The Guillotines to your event, gig or festival.
Bands we’ve toured and played with recently: Healthy Junkies, Janus Stark, Lars Frederiksen & Last Resort and Los Fastidious.
Confirmed bookings for this year, playing with: The Barstool Preachers, The Queers, HRH Punk with Stiff Little Fingers, Cockney Rejects, GBH, Chelsea and Ed Tenpole Tudor. Punk on the Peninsula Festival with: Skids, Rezillos, Peter & The Test Tube Babies and Millie Manders and The Shut Up.

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