Mima Merrow

+ Woodwife

The Hug and Pint, Glasgow, GB

Entry Requirements: 18+

Line Up

Mima Merrow

Awoken in damp, dark shelter. Nourished by animal cries and lightening. This noise is of old heart and fire. This noise is gifted to you until it finds its way home. We are hallow, we are voice, we are thunder. We are Woodwife.

Woodwife is a band from Glasgow, comprising Freya Giles, Greg Mitchell, Jordan Henry and Douglas James Knight.

Woodwife have been gigging regularly within the Glasgow scene and surrounding areas regularly since April 2014, combining earthy acoustic ballads with gnarled electric guitars, thunderous drums and vivid layers of atmosphere to create a new folk experience.

In 2015, Ticketmaster declared Woodwifes set "one of the 13 finest moments at Wickerman Festival", elaborating with "Atmospheric folkies Woodwife ably close out Friday’s Ingrid Pitt stage with their “baroque beats and gnarled guitars” weaving in amongst warm traditional texture and an earthy sense of performance. All autumnal dreadlocks and wintry mournfulness, their sound fits well with the far-past-midnight setting. "




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