Endless Summer: Jeshua

Jeshua + Japan Review + Swiss Portrait + Raveloe

The Hug and Pint, Glasgow, GB

Entry Requirements: 18+
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A celebration of live music and the best new artists in Scotland.

The Hug & Pint, 10th August - 19th September 2021

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Jeshua (Joshua Gray) is a Dundee-born solo artist based in Glasgow. His introspective dream pop encapsulates the everyday experiences of a fly-on-the-wall shop assistant, drawing from feelings of disconnection and the need for distraction from programmed living.

FFO: Radio Dept., Beach House, Mogwai and The Horrors. “More than just a nu-gaze band, the mix of electronica and hazy glide guitar conjures images of a dark sparse near future of Blade Runner proportions” - Reckless Yes With a lo-fi and downtempo sound JUNO, the debut EP from Japan Review, is set for release on CD and digitally via independent label Reckless Yes on 22 March 2019.

Formed in 2014 Japan Review has had a few different members over the years but is formed around the nucleus of Adam O’Sullivan. The JUNO EP, co-written and recorded last year with former Beach Volleyball bandmate Dom Ashton, is a perfect introduction to the synth and drone soundscape.

Evoking the dreamscapes of Beach House and the experimental yet sharp-edged flair of Mogwai there are plenty of touchpoints for those looking for them, but even this early on as a band Japan Review are showing bold ambition for scale of sound while staying committed to a lo-fi aesthetic.

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Swiss Portrait is a project by Edinburgh based Artist Michael Kay Terence. With a DIY approach Michael records and produces all his music in his tiny spare room outside of Edinburgh.