White Whine presents:

WHITE WHINE: Apostille + Herbert Powell

The Hug and Pint, Glasgow, GB

£3 on the door
Entry Requirements: 18+

WHITE WHINE is a spontaneous performance project devised by Andy Brown (Ubre Blanca, Kaspar Hauser, etc). At each performance a different collective of musicians will perform a spontaneous composition for as long as they can or half an hour, whichever comes first. The intention is to make the performance very loud, very repetitive and very primitive. No two performances will be the same and no performance will ever be repeated.

Participating musicians also perform or have performed in acts like the Cosmic Dead, Take a Worm for a Walk Week, Yelt, Lower Slaughter, Chump, Brain Fluid, Anxiety, American Clay, Divorce, Herbert Powell, Clocked Out and Jacob Yates & the Pearly Gake Lock Pickers.

Any and all profits after costs will go to the MESH Collective, who are fundraising right now to set up a multi-purpose, community-focused, queer/trans/feminist cooperative venue in Glasgow. facebook.com/meshglasgow

Line Up

WHITE WHINE: Apostille + Herbert Powell