The Hug and Pint presents:

Blue Hawaii

+ Super Inuit

The Hug and Pint, Glasgow, GB

Entry Requirements: 18+

Line Up

Blue Hawaii

Super Inuit started as a pseudonym for me to release ambient, droney tracks pretty much learning about music synthesis and sequencing whilst playing guitars in noisy bands. Starting out very lo-fi and harsh, my productions gradually became more nuanced and accessible. I found it a necessity to work with others as I found my music incomplete without any vocal content. A chance meeting with poet Jessica Schouela (published as one of the best young British poets 2015) led to us releasing a 7 track collaboration 'Forebearer' at the end of 2015. Working with vocals ignited my productions and I sought out a full-time vocalist in early 2016 and have been working on material with Fern Morris ever since. We aim to play as far and wide as possible and release an album of wavy electronic glo-fi in 2017.

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