The Hug and Pint presents:


+ Breakfast Muff + Lush Purr

The Hug and Pint, Glasgow, GB

Entry Requirements: 18+
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Omni - the band, not the hotel - are from the former home of the Braves: Atlanta. Playing lo-fi pop that channels the spectre of the late ‘70s and early ‘80s, Omni brings you back to an era where any sane person was reeling from the unfulfilled promise of the Space Age and Age of Aquarius bleeding into the looming threat of "Morning in America.” Omni distills the buzz and grit that snakes through the best of Television, Devo, and Pylon into surprisingly danceable, hook-laden slabs of raw, angular, sonic bliss. It’s still the summer of '78, and pushing the roots of rock & roll to its limits remains in vogue. "Deluxe" serves as a fresh reminder that rock music can work outside of blues rooted, formulaic progressions without playing it safe behind a wall of effects. Arty enough to impress record enthusiasts, yet melodically attractive enough to transcend to those who’ve never asked: “’Sister Midnight’ or ‘Red Money’?”

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"Like Hole, but funnier" is how Breakfast MUFF, the three-piece twee-trash-punk band from Glasgow, describe themselves. 

They took their current form - Cal (Youngstrr Joey, Spinning Coin, others), Eilidh and Simone (both of FROTH), each switching between instruments multiple times throughout a set - last December after forming as "Klitterati" just three hours before a show and with just ten minutes of practice. The result is a band that reminds us of what music should be all about; a bunch of friends having fun.  Last year Breakfast Muff released an album, an EP and a single with various labels and played 45 shows, both at home in Glasgow and touring in the UK. They have previously supported artists such as Diet Cig (US), Colleen Green (US), The Parrots (Spain), Mike Watt (US), The Nightingales (UK) and have toured with Spinning Coin and Caramel (members of Joanna Gruesome).

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