Last Night from Glasgow presents:

Radiophonic Tuckshop

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The Hug and Pint, Glasgow, GB

Entry Requirements: 18+
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We are delighted to announce the signing of Glasgows very own minor super group - Radiophonic Tuckshop featuring Joe Kane ( Dr Cosmos Tape Lab, ETTE, The Owsley Sunshine) Paul Kelly (The Martial Arts) Ian Cronan (How To Swim, Mother and the Addicts) Allan McGarry (The Fast Camels) and Craig McGown (Them Beatles) have joined forces to bring us 5 tracks of shimmering pop perfection. The EP “Running Commentary”(LNFGd8) will be released on 28/07 with a launch event planned for 30/07 at The Hug and Pint.

Joe’s ‘hobby job’, if you like, is playing his own music; wonky pop, looney tunes and merry melodies, all swimming in nutty effects with a rich Beatleish undercurrent, clattering along like Supergrass doing Badfinger by way of an XTC Bond theme, all compressed vocals, ringing and lightly toasted guitars, stop/start riffs and a brilliant rhythm section. Extraordinary; slightly psychedelic and Super Furry super-tuneful, Joe surrounds himself with tip-top, top-chops musicians- the Radiophonic Tuck Shop is comprised of seasoned pros (!) that bring out the best in his songs.

Line Up

Radiophonic Tuckshop