We're beyond excited to be welcoming you back to The Hug & Pint! It's been a long time coming, so putting safety first is essential. We understand that everyone will have differing feelings and comfort levels as we readjust to sharing live music spaces again. As such, please be patient and kind to each other and to staff.

The Hug is a space for everyone and in order to ensure that we reopen safely, we are making the following requests:

SYMPTOMS: If you are experiencing symptoms of COVID or have been in close contact with someone who has tested positive, please do not enter the venue or attend a show. Follow NHS and government advice, look after yourself and those around you. There will be forehead temperature checks at the door of the venue - do the staff and each other a favour and please comply with these.

TESTING/VACCINATIONS: Get vaccinated when you can! Proof of a negative lateral flow test is required upon entry to the venue for the safety of our staff, other bands and audience members - a photo should be shown of your result or registration through the government site: https://www.gov.uk/report-covid19-result We will do everything we can to support you should a positive result mean pulling out of or rescheduling a show, so please be sound and let us know if this happens.

HYGIENE: We will have various hand sanitiser points around the venue and backstage, please take full advantage of these and wash your hands regularly. Our staff are doing the same and will be maintaining a deep cleaning regime in the venue.

MASKS: Please wear a face covering when not dining, drinking, dancing or on stage. This includes during load in and load out. Our staff will be wearing masks - we ask that you please do the same for their and your own safety.

TEST & TRACE: We will have test & trace in place, please scan the QR code upon entry.

VENTILATION: We have increased air conditioning measures in place to ensure optimum airflow within the venue. We recognise the science on this and have invested in technology to limit the potential spread.

PERSONAL SPACE: Please be kind and respectful to one another! It's been a long time since we were able to enjoy live music together, and we ask that you are patient with one another as we all readjust to sharing space again. Be considerate of others in all areas of the venue. All of our staff are trained and accredited by Good Night Out - if a person or situation is making you feel uncomfortable, don't hesitate to tell a member of staff, they’re here to look out for you.

STAFF: It should go without saying, but please be kind to staff. They care about your safety and are here to look out for you - we ask that you do the same for them. After all, we're all readjusting together. Artists, promoters, sound engineers and venue staff have been waiting a long time for these shows to happen. We're committed to ensuring that this happens in a way that is safe for all.

Thanks so much for your continued support. See you soon